About Find Free Fun

Find Free Fun was created as a way to help save money in an increasingly expensive community. By finding and sharing events that are free and low cost, we allow people to explore their cities and find things to do without breaking their budgets.

We set out to create a different kind of company that did not just talk about general events, bit also became a dynamic part of the community by building community relationships to showcase their unique qualities with various events. We have done dinners for furloughed workers, nature education events, sales, children's entrepreneurial events, outdoor adventures and much more.

Our goal is to build a system that connects businesses with the community, enables members to discover new adventures and grows into other markets.

Find Free Fun's History

Find Free Fun was created from a personal financial hardship to help find affordable things to do in Denver to offset the loss.

After only a month, Denver Free Fun had nearly 2,000 members and was growing rapidly. Realizing that many other people had a need to conserve their resources as well, we began to look at the opportunity to create a new and different business model.

When examining the market, we found that comparable companies charged a significant sum for just a web ad that might or might not be effective. We wanted Denver Free Fun to empower small businesses and created marketing packages instead that help companies increase their growth through multiple media outlets and events. We also wanted to keep pricing affordable and structured these packages accordingly with a simple tiered format.

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A young boy being feed.

Feed The Fam

We are strong believers in charity endeavors and felt that we needed to give back to the community too. After fostering several homeless teens, enabling them to finish high school and experiencing the difficulty families can have when their teens are struggling first hand, we started Feed the Fam for homeless and in-crisis teens and their families.

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