The Best Reward Savings Programs Online

Are your credit cards smoking from the holiday season???  Your savings are depleted and you need to figure out how to save as the New Year rolls in??? Online reward programs are certainly not a “get-rich-quick” plan, but everything adds up.  I have personally earned several hundred dollars using Acorns, Ebates, MyPoints and UPromise. (In fact, UPromise rewarded me with an $800 bonus when I purchased my GMC Yukon towards my kid’s college funds and automatically is invested in their 529 plans when it reached a certain dollar amount.) These programs are some of the best out there and some you can even double dip with. 


Do you remember throwing your pennies in a jar at the end of the day??? Acorns works on the same principle.  They let you save money every time by rounding up each time you make a purchase on you credit cards or with your checking account and invest it within a commission free investment portfolio with over 7000 investments depending on the risk level you are comfortable with.  In addition, you can boost your savings anytime you want and they have an excellent referral program that pays you to recommend the services to your friends as well. Plus right now until the end of December 2017, refer 12 people and earn an additional $600!!!


Ebates offers up to 20% cash back at more than 1,800 online stores, though the average earnings are usually closer to 5%. Search the site to find your favorite store, then click the “Shop Now” link to make your purchase. Ebates sends you a payment each quarter based on your account earnings of at least $5 or more. You have three options for redeeming your earnings: a check in the mail, a PayPal deposit or a gift to a charity or family member. You can also earn a $5 bonus by signing up as a new Ebates user. Plus spend $25 at Walmart and Ebates will send you a free $10 gift card.


Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single click.  No more hunting for online coupon codes to find the best deal. Just download honey and start saving!!!


Earn cash-back rewards from Ibotta in several different ways. First, you can take a picture of your receipt or scan your receipt with the Ibotta app. The app verifies the purchase, which prompts a cash deposit into your Ibotta account within 48 hours.  You can also link a loyalty card from participating stores, connecting your points cards from grocery stores, gas stations and local.  The mobile in-app also lets you unlock cash-back rewards on sites like Amazon. Right now, you can earn up to 5% cash back on certain Amazon shopping categories. Just launch Amazon from Ibotta, make the purchase and the cash back will pop up in your account within 45 days. Once your balance reaches $20 or more, you can transfer it to a PayPal or Venmo account. Or if you’d rather convert the cash into gift cards, you can choose from Best Buy, Amazon or Starbucks. You’ll also get a $10 bonus just for signing up and completing your first cash-back offer.

Inbox Dollars 

Everything you do on Inbox earns you money and they pay via mailed check. The only negative with Inbox Dollars is that you can't ask for a payment until you have $30, but they give you $5 as a sign on bonus.


MyPoints is a rewards program that gives you points for reading e-mails, shopping, taking surveys, doing web searches and completing a variety of other activities. Once you accrue enough points, you can redeem them for a gift card to your choice of over 75 merchants.


Shopkick is one of the only rewards apps that doesn’t require you to spend money to earn money. With Shopkick, you earn “kicks,” which can then be exchanged for gift cards for walking into a store, scanning barcodes, taking photos of your receipts, linking your credit card or debit card, shopping online and watching ads. The Kicks can be redeemed for gift cards


Swagbucks pays you in points called “SBs” when you make a purchase from your favorite store using its links. You earn 1 SB for every dollar you spend at participating stores or a flat number of SBs. If you download the Swagbuck’s Swagbutton, you will also get an alert on your browser reminding you to get cash-back every time you’re on a retailer’s site. You can redeem the Swagbucks for gift cards or coupons and when you sign up, you will get a $10 bonus!!!


Trim helps you negotiate your bills down automatically.  Fill in your information and they get to work reducing your cable bill, your phone bill and your electrical bill for you.  This nifty service can save you money on all the your utilities and reduce your monthly expenses without you doing a thing!!!


If you're a parent and have children who aren't in college yet, I'm guessing you've probably heard about Upromise. Upromise is a company, now owned by Sallie Mae, that designed a program that offers shoppers cash rewards at various retailers. A small portion of the money you spend at each retailer is kicked back into your Upromise account, which you can hook up to a 529 college savings account. Bonus, after your first savings transaction, they will also put a $20 reward into your account!!!


With Walmart-to-Go, you can get order your groceries, check out and pick them up at the store or have them delivered directly to your door.  Select from everything the store groceries offer with no mark-up.  Their reward program also gives you $10 off of $30 for every referral you get. 

Kristina Corcoran
March 12, 2020
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