Celebrating Valentines Day!

Hearts are everywhere, you can almost smell the chocolate in the air and everywhere seems to be putting out roses. You know what that means: February 14th is right around the corner. While the Valentine’s season is always a special time of year, if you don’t know what to get that special someone, it can add stress to what should be a happy time. It can often be hard to figure out how to perfectly show somebody how much you care for them, especially when you are on a budget. Not to fear, Denver Free Fun has you covered with 11 different sponsors here to help make sure you have a Valentine’s Day to remember.

1. Simply Savor 

Romantic dinners are never a bad place to start when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but with  everything going on in the world, the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant might not be right for  you. If you are looking for a night in, but you still want to keep the magic of the holiday, try Simply  Savor. They currently have a charcutier board specially designed for a Valentine’s dinner, packed full  of chocolate covered strawberry’s, cheese in the shape of hearts, and tons of other sweet and  savory treats. They also offer meal subscriptions with homemade, fresh, and delicious meals, if you  want to give your partner a gift, they can enjoy all month long. You can pick which meals sound  good to you, and every week they will be delivered to your doorstep, already cooked and ready for  you to enjoy. They even have options for kids, so it is a treat for the whole family to enjoy. 


Check them out here: 


2. Reworks Massage 

If you are looking to help you’re significant other relax, there is no better way then booking them a  massage. With Reworks Massage, all of the stress of their everyday lives will evaporate as they sink into  a deep state of tranquility. Not only can Reworks help destress, but they can also help alleviate any  aches, pains, or knots that your partner might experience, and the best part is, they will come to you! As  long as you live in the Denver area, they will bring their equipment to your home and turn it into a spa.  You can book a time for your sweetheart, or you can buy a gift certificate so that they can choose when  to receive the massage. And hey, if there is already a masseuse at your place, might as well book one for  yourself too. You deserve it!

Check them out here: 


3. Gourmet Gary’s 

What about if you and your significant other want to cook together at home? We have that handled  too. With Gourmet Gary, you can buy some of the freshest, most delicious cuts of meat for a price  that makes any local butcher look crazy. They have cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and even seafood, so  whatever you and your love want to make, they have you covered. And if you are in a long-distance relationship, they deliver to all over the country, so you can have a romantic meal over facetime too.  This farm fresh meat is ethically sourced and local, so you can feel good about your purchase and  have something delicious to show for it. Plus nothing beats some quality time in the kitchen with  your partner. 

Check them out here: 


4. Comfort Catering

Nothing says classy quite like comfort catering. If you want to throw a Valentine’s party to celebrate  the love in the air, you can’t forget to feed your guests! Comfort Catering has a ton of different  options for what you want to serve, but it doesn’t matter if you settle on the honey soy pork chop or  the pesto tortellini salad; it will still be delicious. And if you want a private night in with your  Valentine, they do private cooking as well, so you two can hire them to help make your V-day  special. 

Check them out here: 


5. Nu Cell Skin 

There is nothing more magical then a facial, and it is a gift that often isn’t thought of when  coming up with ideas. Not only will you get credit for your originality and thoughtfulness,  but your sweetheart can have a calming facial, coming back to look fresh-faced and glowing.  Nu Cell Skin has several different types of facials, as well as chemical peels, waxing, tinting,  and microderms. Not only will your spouse have fresh and radiant skin, but they could be  treated to a whole spa of possibilities.  


Check it out here: 


6. Gametrain 

If you are looking for a fun night out, bring your Valentine to Gametrain, a restaurant that isn’t just a  restaurant. While they do have delicious entrees, a full service bar, and desserts that are to die for, it has  so much more than that. The restaurant itself has a section that will make you feel like you are actually  on a Victorian train, complete with the décor, moving scenery out the “windows” and simulated bumps (don’t worry though, the bumps don’t make it difficult to eat!) They also have over 600 board games  that are available for you to play with you partner in order to make the night even more fun. If you are  want for something that you and your Valentine have never experienced before, Gametrain is a must. 


Check them out here: 


7. Mile High Pie 

Let’s face it: it wouldn’t be a Colorado Valentine’s Day if there wasn’t some alcohol involved, and if you  want to treat your partner to a Mile High Pie moonshine. It is the perfect gift for somebody who doesn’t  like sweets but loves to enjoy a nice drink. They currently have four flavors: apple pie, strawberry  lemonade, peach cranberry, and sweet tea. Every single kind of moonshine has the right balance of  powerful flavors and high-quality liquor.


Check them out here: 


8. Town Center at Aurora 

Valentines’ traditions are great, but maybe you want a more casual, fun day to spend with your special  someone. If that’s the case, check out the town center at Aurora, where you can shop, walk around, and  eat at their numerous different restaurants. They have a food court, but they also have nice full-sized restaurants that you for you to wine and dine your date. And if you are stumped for gifts, they have you  covered. They have a sweets shop if you want to keep things light and causal, or if you want to really  knock their socks off, there is a diamond boutique located within the mall.  


Check them out here: 


9. Sandy Puc Photography 

We all know how the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So why not treat you  Valentine to some professional couples’ photos to remember this holiday for years to come. Sandy Puc  Photography takes some of the best couples’ pictures in all of Denver. Whether you want a serious  photoshoot or one that embraces the fun in your relationship Sandy Puc will take care of you. They have  a studio where you two can take pictures, or if you’d rather, they will travel to different locations around  Denver and make sure that you get photos that you love almost as much as your Valentine.  

Check them out: 


10. Bina Photography 

Anybody who has been in a relationship with an animal lover knows, their pet is their baby, which means they can never have enough pictures of their furball. If you want to get them  something that shows how much you care for them, book with Bina photography, where they  will take the cutest pictures imaginable of your pets. Not only do they do the classic dog and cat  pictures, but they also do hamsters, lizards, and anything else you can imagine. Not only will you  have pictures that will last you a lifetime, but you will also be supporting a business that often  runs charity events for animals all across Denver!

Check them out here: 


11. Ruffs to Wags 

Even though it is important to give your significant other lots of love this time of year, we can’t  forget about giving love to our pets. Treat them to some specialized training for dogs, with Ruffs  to Wags, where they specialize in teaching your dog to socialize, obey commands, and learn how  to be well behaved. A happy dog is a happy home, so you can’t go wrong with Ruffs to Wags.  They offer individual training and group sessions while still making it fun for the dogs, with lots  of treats and play to keep them happy.


Check them out here: 


Tessa Corcoran
March 12, 2020
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