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Denver has become a world-class city in recent years and with that has come an influx of culinary cuisine to tempt your taste buds!!! While there are lots of wonderful restaurants around when you are in the mood to eat out, sometimes it is more fun just to stay in. Here are a few of Denver's yummiest local food delivery services to try when you are ready to sample delicious Denver dining without ever leaving the house.

Culinary Caveman is a meal prep and catering specialist based out of Longmont/Broomfield that delivers organic gluten-free and refined sugar-free, Paleo style meals to customers in Denver and the surrounding area.  Their motto is "made with love and kissed by fire".  They enjoy taking their time marinating all meats and then fire-roasting or slow-smoking.  All meals are 100% scratch kitchen and use no frozen veggies or fruits and open no boxes of prepared products.  The menues change twice a week and they deliver fresh meals twice a week also on Sundays and Wednesdays.  They cater to all diets including Strick Paleo (they are 95% paleo, but use black beans and occasionally grass-fed butter), Whole 30, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Macro Specific and FODMap.

Ele’s Sooo Good Green Chile is a local business that was started seven years ago as To Your Door Burritos by Ele.  As the business grew and demand grew for her delicious green chile, Ele introduced a line of small batch Green Chile that has taken two first place awards at the Colorado Green Chile Festival.  In addition, she still does burrito delivery within a south Denver delivery area with advanced notice.  Choose from Mild Heat Green Chile or Hot Heat Green Chile.  Chiles are $8 a jar.

If you are a bacon lover, Alexa Sonn Cohen is the person to talk to with her local company GIRL Bacon.  She starts with pork bellies from well-raised pigs from Minnesota, meaning no hormones or antibiotics, fed properly and let out to play.  She cures the pork in maple syrup, celery and sea salt with no refined sugars or chemical nitrates.  The bacon is then smoked over Applewood wood chips and sliced into thick, meaty strips of bacon.  She also has bacon jam, made with GIRL Bacon, onions, maple syrup and spices.  GIRL Bacon is paleo, keto and diabetic friendly.

Do you worry about the hormones and antibiotics added to your meats???  Are you tired of buying meat at the supermarket only to find out it is tough or a poor cut???  Gourmet Gary’s is a locally owned meat delivery service that provides beef, chicken, seafood and more straight to your door flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed.  In addition, it is some of the best, highest-quality meat I have ever had at a fraction of the grocery store price.  We’re talking high-end steaks on a burger budget!!!  Right now he is offering his beef package at 37% off his usual prices and will even include a free box of wild caught Coho Alaskan Salmon when you order a beef package.  Purchase four cases and get a free 5.2 CU Ft Chest Freezer too.  Gary even has dog bones for your favorite furry friends. Also while Gary is local, he can deliver across the country, so you can order from anywhere!!!

Love cupcakes??? Little Red Mixer Bakeshop is a bakery that specializes in custom cupcake orders.  This is a company that has an extreme love of cupcakes and is truly a family business, where owner, Kelly Mitchell’s husband is the self-proclaimed taste tester and their little one goes “wow” every time the mixer starts and shakes the sprinkle jars just to hear the noise.  They know that every event is special and they treat it as such, working with you to make sure you get exactly what your occasion calls for.  They offer gluten-free, sugar-free and artificial color-free cupcakes as well, because no one should be excluded from the joy of a delicious cupcake.  In fact their motto is “because everyone needs cupcakes!!!” So next time you need custom cupcakes to make your party complete, be sure to give them a call!!!

Tired of thinking of what’s for dinner??? Are the kids’ activities leaving you running for fast food???  MindFULL Meals food deliver service was put together by Ava Truckey after a lifetime of obesity followed by the birth of her daughter in August 2016. A Denver native, an avid foodie and a home-chef, she committed to changing her eating habits and exercised routine and lost more than 100 lbs.  Acknowledging the importance of nutrition and how it changed her life, she decided to give back to the community by creating menus free of refined sugars and including the macronutrient breakdown that can be made gluten and dairy free.  These wholesome, ethnically diverse menus are based around seasonal, organic produce and with animal products that are natural and humanely raised.  Breakfasts are $10, lunches are $12 and dinners are $15.

I have always wanted to learn to roast my own coffee beans, but I haven’t found the time and I hate the way burnt coffee tastes.  The folks at Pour Coffee have put in years of education, research and practice using the highest quality products and techniques in order to bring you the perfect cup of coffee with quality ingredients, so that you don’t have to roast your own beans.  Pour Coffee also has the distinction of partnering with non-profit organizations that are working to create a positive impact on our culture locally and globally.  In addition, they source their beans from responsible growers, handlers and roasters to ensure that their partnerships and your coffee are natural, healthy and ecologically sustainable.

Kristina Corcoran
March 12, 2020
Denver Businesses

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