Is Print Dead or Alive and Kickin’?!

Is Print Dead or Alive and Kickin’?!

- By Anne Overstreet, Vice President of Minuteman Press Aurora 21

Honestly, it depends on who you ask. Most digital marketers think that print is dead. The commercial printers-not so much. Other industries say that it’s evolving. From a printer’s point of view, we know that print products may not be requested as much as in the past. But, on a daily basis, customers do request: business cards, flyers, brochures, banners, flags, t-shirts, vinyl wraps, posters, signage and other promotional products. Marketing of all sorts makes your business successful. So, I think the answer is similar to the answer you get from a financial advisor when stocks are fluctuating-diversify! I thought that I would give you five examples of how print was important to our customers. 

  1. Brochures! One customer signed up for a booth at a wedding expo. Their business was new in the area. So, it was vital that they get their name out there and make connections. They ordered hundreds of brightly colored brochures. They created relationships with many potential clients as a result.
  2. Signage! A local school needed a facelift. The massive sign in front of their building advertised businesses and not their school. We created materials for them: everything from eye popping signs to flags and vinyl stickers for the floor and windows. Best of all, we created a sign that advertised the school and directed families to the proper areas!
  3. Menus! One savvy local business keeps himself keenly aware of rising costs. The menus for his restaurant are in 3-hole binders with smart covers. When he needs to make changes in costs, he reaches out to us to reprint the menus with the new prices. This keeps him competitive. 
  4. Yard signs! Two high schools from different regions in the Denver metro area know how important it is to show recognition of a job well done. Highschool students proudly posed with their high school yard signs while family stood by smiling and taking photos. It’s an extra special way to mark the occasion.
  5. Business cards! Starting a new business isn’t easy, but starting a business with a niche is even harder. Our client received business cards from her franchise. However, she wasn’t happy with them. They didn’t paint a picture of what her business actually provides. She told us about a video of her product and we created a QR code on her business card that will lead directly to the product. This way, she can share her business card and product at the same time with potential customers. 

We will let you decide for yourself if print is dead. But, for us, thankfully-it’s very much alive and making a difference in the lives of small business owners every day. Call us today to learn more, 303-751-5007

Anne Overstreet
March 12, 2020
Denver Businesses

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