Pantone Color 320

As the housing market continues to heat up with the advent of the spring, there are some easy ways to make your house shine before listing it in order to bring in the higher offers in Colorado’s sellers’ market. The top fix that adds appeal to your home is a fresh coat of paint and the Spring/Summer Pantone colors reflect the soft tones of spring and the bright colors of renewal perfect to reflect a season of renewal following a year of strain.

Think pops of soft colors with the Intoxicating palate like the delicate pink of Fairy Wing which would be perfect for a little girl’s room or a feminine office. Or use Carnival Glass in a little boy’s room for a fun bright change from teal. Lemon Fizz’s bold yellow would be striking in a kitchen with a kitschy 50’s appeal and Tomatillo would be fabulous incorporating a few of the grey and cream accents of previous seasons or go for bold blacks and whites to build a unique feel for a room. The soft lavender of Dreams of Cotton would be perfect for a soothing master bedroom or even a small powder room. All colors can be accented with the neutral cream Silence.

Do you like bolder colors? The Power Surge palate brings the brightness of spring and summer bulbs into play. Red Maple’s red/orange color makes a statement and could be used in a formal dining room to draw the eye to that favorite piece of furniture or throughout the room to create a feeling of excitement. Nobility’s true blue would be lovely in a bedroom with a few black, yellow and white accents or Boudoir Red’s softer purple/red would also work well. The strong orange/yellow of Iced Mango, the peachy/pink of Siesta or the green of Lime Zest would create a fun kitchen space mixed with bowls of bright fruit and fun designs. Meanwhile the more olive tone of Pepper Stem would work well in a living room or little boys room toning down some of the brighter colors and bringing them together. The pink Fairy Wing also mixes well into the Power Surge palate and could be used as an accent or for a more feminine space.

Why not bring in the bright colors of summer with the Pantone Summer Bouquet? Fairy Pink again is at the forefront of this color palate mixing well with the peachy Blush Beauty perfect for a comfortable warm dining area. Or use the striking Winery as the color for an energetic bedroom retreat. Pink Suede offers soothing pink undertones that would be the perfect vibe for a calming office space, while Little Piglet’s soft pink or the olive of Pepper Stem would create an attractive living space in a large area. All colors in this palate can be accented with the neutral Meringue.

When using paint to sell your home, it is a good idea to mix colors that blend well together and tie those colors together with similar accents. The seasonal Pantone colors help you envision the latest trends and pick colors that work well together. If you are thinking about selling your home, I can help you decide the best fixes to make your home go for top dollar. Contact Erin Mehojah at EXIT Realty DTC at 720-449-6283 to get an assessment to help you make a decision on the best options for your family.

Erin Mehojah
March 12, 2020
Denver Businesses

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