Swing Your Way to Fitness with Air Aerial Fitness

I remember starting a new job the day after the first time I had tried aerial fitness and I had wrenched my knee and had it braced. After spending a lot of time explaining what aerial fitness was, I finally gave up and just told my new co-workers I had spent the previous afternoon swinging from the ceiling.  Needless to say, my reputation was interesting thereafter.

However, this did not stop my new found love of aerial exercise.  Now aerial yoga has come to Denver and Air Aerial Fitness at 4433 W. 29th Ave. 202 is leading the way with their amazing fitness opportunity.  Here people can transform their bodies and their routines while immersing in a fun, stimulating environment.  They focus on fitness at any level and use a “foundation” fitness format that provides a lot of core strength (which is always my weakest point and the one I need to focus on the most.) With AIR/Aerials you can build a stronger core faster and tone your abs.  Once you take your routine off the floor, you lose your point of stability, helping you to engage your core faster and more effectively.

In addition, core work helps you with other aspects of your life.  If you are a runner, you will be able to run faster, if you are a cyclist, you will have better balance, if you are a weight-lifter, it can help your form.  Core work can even help you with the simple day-to-day tasks of sitting, bending, gardening and more, reducing lower back pain and improving your posture.

Right now at Air Aerial Fitness you can try a community class every Sunday at 8:45 am for only $10 too!!!  Or take advantage of their Silk Sisters Challenge Monday, February 19 through Sunday, March 4.  This two week challenge involves teams of two with unlimited fitness classes for $50 per person for the two weeks and allows you the opportunity to compete for points and win prizes while providing you with accountability and motivation.

Want to learn more or join a class??? Click here!!!

Kristina Corcoran
March 12, 2020
Denver Businesses

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