The Bodywork Blog, Episode IX: The Importance of Being Warmest

I don't know about you, but sometimes it is easy to forget that despite the fabulous sunny days we get here on the Front Range of Colorado, it is STILL winter!

The days I regret frgetting the most are the ones in which I try out a new physical activity or go for a walk or (heaven forbid) stretch out a sore muscle: I go about it like it was mid-July and hurt something.

So now I want to remind you all to STAY WARM when you are moving! If you are cold and needing to move, start slow, work your way into motion and seek a nice source of heat, such as inside a house, a hot tub or shower.

And speaking of heat, The Massage Wizard has upgraded the massage table's heating pad to a fuzzy 85 Watt heat blanket with up to 135 ℉ for your relaxing, relieving and very, very warm next appointment!

Remember, I'm pulling for you; We're all in this together. :) And if you could use a massage, don't forget that Reworks delivers to you! 720-295-8131

Cori Barker
March 12, 2020
Denver Businesses

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