The Bodywork Blog, Episode VII: Return of the Relaxer

A not so short time ago, on a planet that, frankly, is quite awesome...

Panic! OMG the COVIDs!!! Fear! Anger! Hate! Suffering!

That's not to say that it is all over now, mind you. And this, like many large-scale tragedies in the past, will affect this whole generation. I imagine it will be for us kind of like it is for the ones who survived the stock market crash of the 20's: we'll horde toilet paper and hand sanitizer for the rest of our lives and quite a few of us will continue to be either ecstatic or annoyed at the sight of a face mask.

But let me welcome you to today, the day after many, many other dissatisfying days. If you are reading this, you made it through every single one of them. Congratulations! Wow, what a ride, right? Soooooo many dancing family videos on Youtube later. :)

Now you can breathe a little. Step out a little and reconnect. And if the mood strikes you, why not some out of this world bodywork?

There's a lot of research behind massage therapy. Not a lot of it is very conclusive, but those studying it's effects on the human body and mind did find at least one thing: it's good for anxiety and depression and one's sense of well being. Not being a curing cancer, nor a healer of past traumas, and I'm not going to bring everlasting happiness, I suppose I'm just a simple fix for plain old anxiety. And depression. :P Who suffers from that?

How effective is a massage, though? Practically it is difficult to experience massage without experiencing massage, but here's some food for your thoughts: Imagine someone who takes an hour out of their day and spends it taking care of only you. You get their undivided attention, healthy and wholesome kindness, acceptance and of course, touch.

Now, imagine that brought to your own home where you are comfortable, safe and you can continue to relax afterward. Now you have an inkling of the Reworks Mobile Massage Magic!

Sounds good? Give me a call or book online! The Massage Wizard has your back 6 days a week.

Cori Barker
March 12, 2020
Denver Businesses

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