The Bodywork Blog, Episode X: Practice Timing, Not Speed

As part of my marketing, I often feel like a reverse Oprah; shoving a need at my audience, "You need a massage, YOU need a massage, YOU NEED A MASSAGE!!!!". I mean, as an out of this world massage therapist, it's true, isn't it? :P

But it is easy to forget that while getting a excellent massage often would be ideal, even if it could be afforded, where would we find the time? All of us have a pile or two of responsibilities that we have to get through and a maximum of 16 healthy hours to get them done in. That, and it's now almost summer! Who's going to stay inside anyway?

I would like to encourage you to think of my work as a starting point. I am here to remind you that you can move, stretch, breathe and be happy: after a session and some rest, water and at least a snack, go be happy! If you already have a great movement pattern, try something else! If you have your stretch on, stretch something else! Breathe deeper, longer and with a smile!

You've been working so hard, taking things very serious and trying to keep it all together. Let yourself loose with a massage by The Massage Wizard and then keep yourself loose this summer. I'm available, always at the right time. :)

720-295-8131 or for delivery #at-home!

Cori Barker
March 12, 2020
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