Top Ten Hiking Trails Near Denver

Colorado is known for its beautiful scenery and vast mountains and the people of Denver are no strangers to the beautiful hiking trails. Whether you are looking for a great family trail, a new challenge, or a gorgeous new place to go adventuring, Denver Free Fun has got you covered. Today we count down the top 10 best trails in the Denver metro area.

10. Clear Creek Trail

Clear Creek is one of Golden’s most popular trails and connects to may other trails and eventually even leads to other towns in the metro area. The thing that makes this trail special, is that every route offers and unique and new experience. Not to mention the creek itself is breathtaking.

9. Waterton Canyon

This gorgeous hike is absolutely perfect for families or anyone looking for a relaxing, easy trail with a view. It is a 6.2 mile trail following a river with markers labeling your progress and many pit stops along the way. This trail is fairly flat, so it is perfect for inexperienced hikers and kids, and if the 6 mile distance is to long, it’s easy to turn back at any point. Keep in mind though that no dogs are allowed on this trail due to the abundance of Bighorn sheep in the area. 

8. Deer Creek

This hike offers an immersive trip that makes you feel like you are far away from the suburbs without having to deal with the gas prices to take you that far. Due to this trail being tucked away in a canyon, you feel like you are leaving the city behind. This 2.7 mile trail is the perfect trail for thinking space, offering a spacious environment to come to terms with the stress of everyday life. 

7. The Trading Post Trail 

Another family friendly trail is the trading post is at Red Rocks, near the amphitheater and this trail is great for young kids. With amazing views of the mountains, wildflowers, and the beautiful stone structures, there is no denying this trail is breathtaking. This trail is only about 1.4 miles and does allow dogs, so our furry friends get to enjoy the great trail too!  If you are a tourist or a beginner, this is the smartest and best trail to give you a taste of what Coloradans love so much: the outdoor views.

6. Mt. Falcon

This trail features an amazing view of Red Rocks and the mountains, and along this 2.3 mile hike you will see castle ruins. With amazing sights this beginner trail is perfect for a day in the mountains, because it inspires adventure throughout the hike. There are several offshoots that can provide a longer hike here as well.

5. The Bluffs

The Bluffs Regional Park Trail is a beautiful trail that is not so far from home. Located in Lone Tree, the best part of this trail is it’s convenience. It is not far away, and far closer than many mountain trails. If you are living a busy life with kids, work, or both, this is the perfect trail. Keep in mind though, because it is so close to civilization, if you are looking for a quiet trail with not many visitors, you may want to try a different hike in this list. More challenging than the other two thus far though, this 3 mile loop has a bigger incline and decline rate that serves as a more difficult experience .

4. Lair O’ The Bear

This trail is one of Colorado’s hidden gems that locals love. There are camping sites, fishing spots, and amazing places for picnics. As for the trail itself, it can be up to 12 miles, but the majority of people don’t choose to hike the entire trail and instead turn back before the end of the trail in order for a shorter, more relaxing hike.

3.Bear Lake Trailhead

At just under a mile, this may be one of the shorter trails on this list, but the shimmering lakes view is why people tend to go, not the length. In the fall you can even catch the aspens changing colors, resulting in a beautiful picture. Located in Rocky Mountain National Park, this trail has higher altitudes, but small changes in altitude from the trailhead to the end, so any altitude sickness shouldn’t be a concern. A shuttle to and from the parking lot and the trailhead and trail end are also provided.

2. Gregory Canyon Trail

This trail is moderately difficult with two different loops. It can be as long as 5.7 miles or as short as 2.4 miles. It has perfect views including a canyon, wildflowers, summit views, a forest, rocky hillsides, and abundance of wildlife like deer, coyotes, mountain lions, bears, hawks, and foxes. The glorious views are what differentiate this trail from the rest.

1.Ouzel Falls

This trail reached its ranking based on the pure beauty of this hike. After 2.7 miles of hiking you will reach the waterfall, a powerful example of Mother Nature showing off its beauty. Along the way you will witness many wildflowers and if you choose, you can stay for the weekend as well, since there are many campgrounds near by

Kristina Corcoran
March 12, 2020
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